As a thank you for your loyalty to the IMS Robotics Group & commitment to trenchless sewer rehabilitation, we have had the IMS Šljiva produced for you.

Your IMS Robotics Team

We say
thank you!

Thanks to the elaborate production process and the use of first-class components, this high-quality fruit brandy epitomises quality and tradition for us.

Ljubisa Zlatkovic, Managing Director of the IMS Robotics Group, explains: „Sljivovic is the national drink of Serbia. It was made by my great-grandparents for their own consumption, to enjoy with family, friends and business partners. We associate the drink with community and trust. We would like to pass on these values and our gratitude to our partners.






Reagro o. o.


Destilerija Plavce
Zele Veljkovic
16205 Bojnik, Serbia

IMS Flasche

IMS Šljiva

If you are interested, we will be happy to put you in touch with the company.

Distillery in Serbia

For our IMS Šljiva, we have therefore selected a special distillery in Serbia that produces quality products in small quantities and is not focused on commercialisation. The plums are grown in their own fields, pitted by hand and processed into Sljivovic in a wood-fuelled copper still. This is then stored for years in oak barrels until the combination of fruit and oak develops its unique character.

Each bottle is an exclusive gift with which we would like to say thank you – for the successful cooperation and your loyalty.

We obtain our quality Sljivovic from the company
Reagro d. o. o..

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